What are the things that make your organisation different to others?  Differentiation is your secret sauce. It is the thing or things that your customers find valuable and keeps them coming back for more and why they buy from you.

Building and maintaining the things that make your organisation different to others and of value to your customers isn’t easy.   To be different you have to build your own path and follow it.  You also have to do it with conviction.  Whenever I ask the question “what makes your organisation different”, the responses vary, with common responses being; “our people”  “the things we make or do” or simply “Price”. 

Understanding your difference and value in all the things you do is critical if you want to stand out from the crowd.  It starts with a clear understanding of where you do things better, or differently and how difference and therefore value is created. 

Difference doesn’t happen by chance, it is planned.  It’s about making sure what you create and deliver is valuable to your customer.

Here are 8 things organisations that differentiate do:

  1. Always deliver on their promises.
  2. Build difference and value into business process, products and services.
  3. Manage and train distribution channels.
  4. Don’t confuse differentiation with brand.
  5. They have good process but people and relationships are front and centre.
  6. Communicate – they let the customer know exactly what is happening and when.
  7. Make what they do difficult to copy.
  8. They value the network effect – the more people use their products and services the more value is created.

If you need to work on your businesses differentiation or value creators, register for a free 15 minute call and let’s have a chat about the things you need in your toolkit to build the difference you need.

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