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About Us

We are a dynamic group of experienced and talented consulting professionals. We passionately believe that business success is driven by well-defined strategies, agile processes, clear communication and collaborative teams enabled by effective technology. We know how to implement complex transformation projects — we’ve done it successfully for 20 years! At Realising-Potential, every project is headed by an Executive director, and supported by our Realising Success platform.

Our Leadership Team

Jackie O'Dowd

Founding Partner & CEO

Brian Higson

Founding Partner

Trevor Trueman

Advisory Board

Mick Cook

Advisory Board

What sets us apart

We are real people with a proven track record, who strive to protect and enhance your business. We are focused on outcomes, and although it can be tough at times, we tell you what you need to know rather that what you want to hear. Implementing change can be hard work, so we always endeavor to deliver a great experience.

Implementing change and transitioning your business we know can be hard work, so we always endeavour to deliver an outcome that is based on the analysis of your business needs and the goals and expectations you have for it. The implementation of our systems and processes will improve your business which will translate to a better return on your investment.

Technology Partners

Case Studies

Over 25 years we have had many successful projects. Here are a few examples of what we do, and have done to help businesses realise their potential.