Have you implemented some sort of change in the last year? Maybe new systems or process improvement? Have you achieved all of the benefits and outcomes that you had planned in your business case or expenditure justification? Let me guess – probably not. You are not alone. Driving value and a tangible return on investment (ROI) from new systems, improved business processes and increased team capability is a challenge for most.

In a recent study only 35 percent of respondents realised more than 50 percent of anticipated benefits from new enterprise systems implementations. On that level of return most business cases should not have been approved. It is cited in numerous papers and articles that 70% of enterprise projects fail. Why is that? Can’t the 70% that don’t know what to do, at least emulate the 30% that do?

In January 2014 I wrote a blog titled Barriers to Benefits Realisation and in that highlighted a number of barriers that are still relevant today. These include:

  • Projects and initiatives are not outcomes focussed.
  • Change management is ineffective or non-existent.
  • There is inadequate understanding and definition around business processes and value.
  • Business systems are poorly integrated.
  • Projects are often run by teams that don’t know what they are doing.

Is there a better way? Yes there is. Good and effective businesses know where they want to be. Successful ones know how to get there.

If you are currently one of the 70% and want to be one of the 30% then contact us and we can show you how you can do it.