3 Iconic Companies sign up to using the realising success® platform

We can proudly announce three iconic Perth companies, HBF Health, ABN Group and St John of God Healthcare, are now on board with realising success® as their chosen platform to support their business process, enterprise architecture and transformation initiatives. This is some of the feedback we have received.

“For the first time, we have a tool being utilised across the organisation to help us truly understand and manage key business processes. Moving from ad-hoc Visio documents stored across project folders, to a value chain and business capability aligned central repository, is a huge step forward for HBF.

Starting from a strong business architecture foundation and adding key technical diagrams into the same structure, is also allowing us to better align the business analysis and architecture functions. We have barely scratched the surface with Realising-Potential, in terms of assisting us to manage and track large scale transformation, and we are already delighted with what we have achieved so far.”

— HBF’s head of Technology Strategy and Architecture

“Whilst many enterprise modelling tools are based on a generic modelling capability, our needs were focused on understanding the business operation and facilitating change. We found the realising success platform provides an effective way to concentrate on business outcomes rather than simply generating diagrams”.

— ABN Group

It’s fantastic to see our clients are achieving great results using the platform. If you would like to see how we can help your business – simply request a demonstration by clicking here.


Transformation doesn’t have to be hard

We have done it ourselves, survived and thrived!

When we set out to transform our own business we knew it wouldn’t be easy. For over ten years, we had been a traditional consulting business. Transitioning to include being a platform and IP/content business, meant overcoming substantial challenges. We had spent years working with clients to transition their businesses – now it was time to take our own medicine.

We had a strategy, passion, capability and persistence – all things that we needed to get us from where we were, to where we wanted to be. This was an all or nothing change.

In a short period of time, partnerships have been created, technology platforms built, and new members have joined the team. There were times when the going got tough, but we never lost sight of the goal. Everyone was committed to achieving it.

Our transition was high risk, but it has proven to be a good decision for us and our clients. As Ben Horowitz says in his book ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’, “the hard thing isn’t setting a big hairy audacious goal, it’s getting people to communicate”.

To affect our own change, we used the transformation capability of the platform, as it:

  • Allowed us to model our current and future state.
  • Assign responsibility and accountability for getting things done.
  • Provided the ability to assign metrics.
  • Produced the change management documentation so everyone was on the same page.

One of the sample processes that is provided with the platform, is a Process Transformation model. You will see this is a simplified HR onboarding process, that is used to demonstrate many of the features of modelling change.

In the sample model below, colour shading is used to indicate whether in the future state model, the activity is being kept, modified, dropped or added. You can easily switch between the current and future states, so you can clearly see the impact of any change.



You know you have, or are part of a great team, when every single member knows what the goals are and that they will do what is needed to get there.