Man designing a mechanical system using old cog gear wheels

The start of a new year provides opportunities to review where the business is at and devise new strategies. As people return from the holidays, systems and processes are often targeted for improvement and new technologies deployed. Australian organisations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on information systems and transformation – all with a view to improving business performance.

The unfortunate thing is most businesses don’t achieve the outcomes they target. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons we often encounter.

  • Projects are not outcomes focussed. A good idea is impacted by poor definition and poor project execution.
  • Poor change management. Projects are not silver bullets.
  • Inadequate process definition. Processes are poorly mapped or not mapped at all. All process maps should include inputs, outputs, decision-points and contain enough detail to determine efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Poorly integrated and automated systems. There really is no excuse for this today. A well implemented commercially focussed enterprise architecture can work wonders.
  • Leadership and management. The purpose and direction of the business is not clear, resulting in operational silo’s and poor performance.

So now you have some pointers to ensure that your new-year initiative will be successful.