Realising-Potential Newsletter 2020-02 March

We are almost at the end of the 1st quarter of 2020 and  time is flying by.

It hasn’t been the easiest start the year in Australia, with bush fires, storms, COVID-19 and a less than robust economy.

There is a large degree of uncertainty on many fronts that every business needs to contend with. The two pressing issues that we are seeing are the disruption to supply chains and the preparation for the impact of the virus – as no one really knows what the full impact will be.

As they say “best be prepared”.

So our question is – is your business prepared?

Do you have a business disruption or contingency plan? If not, we can help you define and formalise it. If you have one and you haven’t reviewed or tested it for a while, we can review it and make sure there are no gaping holes and that it covers the small important things.

You may not think that these are important – but they are.

Leading Transformation from the Top 

1/2 Day session for senior leaders 20th March 2020

If you are a senior leader, the odds are there are three priorities vying for your attention, organisational performance, innovation/transformation and trust.

All three require leadership from the top and that leadership needs to be in context as every situation and organisation will be different, so following someone else’s best practice or game plan just won’t cut it. What will make a difference between mediocre results and great results?

We have found that when leaders cut through the excuses, politics and noise, look at the core elements to be worked on, and build accountability and trust into the organisation, success follows.

During this half day session you will explore:

  • The 5 common costly mistakes leaders make.
  • The seven key elements of successful transformation.
  • Builders and Blockers.
  • Why insights into the way the business operates today holds the key.

You will leave the session being more aware of:

  • The importance of getting the 7 key elements right.
  • A pathway to being future ready.
  • Your organisation's potential.

Registration details:

Friday 27th March        Time: 8.30am – 12.30pm


Boardroom, Suite 143, Level 1, 580 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000


$750.00 individuals or $600.00 (if more than one attendee from the same organisation).

Books that have attracted our attention:

Dare to lead by Brené Brown.

A research professor at the University of Houston.

An interesting point: Hierarchy can work, except when those in leadership positions hold power over others – when their decisions benefit the minority and oppress the majority.

The Art of Invisibility by Kevin Mitnick.

One of the world’s famous hackers teaches you how to be safe in the age of big brother and big data.

One key piece of advice: be afraid of encryption algorithms that are proprietary and not public.

The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols

An interesting point: Never have so many people had access to so much access to knowledge and yet have been so resistant to learning anything. Knowing things is not the same as understanding them. Comprehension is not the same as analysis.

Expertise is not a parlour game played with factoids.

It's getting harder to keep your skills up to date!

Bite size snacks on intelligent Business Process Modelling!

The traditional approach is to try and schedule traditional training, but it may not available in a time that works for you, or the duration is too long as they cover things that you already know. There are of course on-line offerings but then you need to find one that has the content you are looking for (along with really variable quality) and there is no chance to ask questions when something you see doesn’t work for you as it did on the video!

To overcome this issue we have complied a series of short duration, custom, interactive training sessions that focus on the areas that deliver benefits for you. These sessions are designed to deliver short, concise and focused training to meet the specific requirements of the user. If this would be something that would work for you we are launching the first sessions in late March, then onward into April and May.

At the end of these sessions you will:

  • Understand how to fine tune your business process models
  • Leverage opportunities to capture information to deliver insight.
  • Generate models that are compliant and meet defined organisational standards; and
  • Maximise stakeholder engagement to deliver outcomes efficiently.

Call Brian on 0408 851 841 and lets have a chat about how we could best structure this for you.