Have you ever completed a review of something and formed a couple of ideas on how things can be improved, and then before you know it someone has raced off and found a software solution before you have even fully defined the problem? 
This is a case of Bright Shiny Object (Technology) Syndrome. 
The person who has raced off to find the software solution believes they are doing the right thing. And, in some cases the new bright shiny software may be a solution to a particular problem, but often no one thinks about the problems and challenges that will emanate from that one decision.
Challenges such as:

  • Business process impacts.
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Understanding the impact of adding another application. 
  • Managing data duplication.
  • Change management.
  • Understanding the true cost of adding another application.
  • Foresight failure.

Managing Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is a challenge most organisations need to contend with.
Buying software – any software is a BIG investment – even when the buy price is cost effective. So before you start chasing bright shiny objects think about the impact, the true cost, the problems you will solve and the business benefits that will be delivered.
If this is a problem you and your organisation has, then call me and I can show you how you can make the right software decisions and drive the business benefits you need.