To build and sustain capability today’s leaders operate in environments where there are multiple agendas, high rates of change, large volumes of information and a highly educated, diverse workforce. This combination often leads to silo based operations, siloed information and siloed decisions. Does this sound familiar?

Capability building within an organisation starts with the leadership team. When undertaking an enterprise architecture project, the leadership team often underestimates the commitment required to transform the organisation and may even find it somewhat confronting.

Enterprise architecture projects by their nature enhance an organisations capability and drives cultural change as it encourages integrated process and effective communication across the organisation. In our experience, some leadership teams accept this readily and know what to expect and do, whilst others do not. Enterprise architecture is often seen as an I.T. initiative rather than the business initiative that it actually is. I.T. is only one enabling component and in isolation cannot deliver the desired result.

We believe the best way to build capability is through integrated and optimised systems, process, people and information.

We have found that the McKinsey Five A’s model is a good tool to start with when defining what needs to be achieved and what questions need to be asked. Maybe this will be useful for you too.