Does your business have the full visibility it needs? Can you see how changes in the economy or your industry are going to impact you? The reason I ask the question is that businesses come to us because they have become stuck in a certain pattern of operation or they feel they have become complacent. They can’t always see what they need to see. They simply see what they expect to see, the same reports, information, standard KPI’s or metrics. Often these unforeseen or overlooked blind spots can prevent an organisation from realising its full potential.

Blind spots can be due to not understanding something fully. Others can be due to always doing what you have always done.

Not knowing your businesses blind spots can result in lost opportunities, poor decision-making and lost revenue amongst others. So what can you do to identify your blind spots?

Take a good look at your business. Visualise and model the structures and processes that are currently in place.

  • Question and challenge basic assumptions.
  • Don’t let organisational hierarchy get in the way of problem solving.
  • Democratise information and knowledge – it’s meant to be shared.
  • Open and enhance communication channels so everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

A cars side mirrors are great devices for providing extra visibility. Use your businesses side mirrors to ensure you can see what you need to see.