Key Facts: Due to the complexity of the POS and integrated financials application, testing the application end-to-end prior to every release
was becoming problematic. The result was an increasing number of support calls being received after each new software release.
Key Facts: The company employs over eight hundred people across its operations, and a similar number of contractors.  The Corporate office is located in Perth Western Australia. The organisation has regional and marketing offices, as well as warehouse distribution points in a range of locations including: China, Malaysia, North and South America; Western Europe; the Middle East and South Africa.
Key Facts: The Department of Housing is part of the recently formed Department of Communities.  It is an integral part of the social housing portfolio of the Western Australia’s public sector.

Realising-Potential was engaged to complete a high level functional review of multiple enterprise level applications and define an Enterprise Architecture that would support the strategic objectives of the organisation.
Key Facts: After struggling with a poor ERP implementation project, the NRW management team looked to Realising-Potential to manage the remediation of the project.

This meant a complete review of the project, its structure, deliverables and outcomes.
Key Points: By their nature, Tax and Business Advisory activities can vary in both size and complexity and have a number of fundamental elements that need ongoing management and alignment to ensure that Client requirements, and internal profit levels are met.

The aim of this initiative was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Tax and Business Advisory function.