R-P team change

It is with great disappointment that we lose Jessica Vellar from our team after some fourteen years. An opportunity arose for her that was irresistible. We wish her every success in her new role.

Congratulations to chemo@home

We worked closely with Julie and Lorna recently, helping to define requirements for their rapidly growing and innovative business. Our warmest congratulations to Julie Adams on being announced the Telstra Business Woman of the Year (WA) and the WA Business News Top WA Business Woman and to the entire chemo@home team on their Women’s Weekly Women in Business Award.

Mobile apps — think about the broader impacts

Any business improvement activity or systems change should be driven by the organisational strategy with required outcomes clearly defined. So next time you think about buying that “mobile app”, think about the broader impact and make sure you have it covered.

At the core of every business is a standard set of operational processes and procedures. It’s how things get done.

Often, operational processes are dictated and driven by the financial and specialised applications that the business uses to process transactions and capture data. As business systems change over time and things become decentralized and potentially more complex, people within the business lose sight of how things need to be done to keep the business competitive and responsive to customer and market changes. This is where understanding what the business does, when it does it and how it does it becomes vital. Not having this information readily available often leads to unnecessary time, effort and cost impacts.

Contract Management — most of us have to do it

How often do you click “I Agree” and never read the terms and conditions? These terms and conditions are in effect a contract. Contract management is the process that ensures both parties meet their respective obligations.

Four simple contract management steps can save a lot of future angst if you put them into practice.

  1. Define, document and clearly understand the nature and scope of the agreement.
  2. Define, document and understand/agree how contract conditions will be met.
  3. Define, document and agree conformance requirements.
  4. Understand how performance metrics are calculated.

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