Progressing our own transformation

You may remember from our newsletter in January that we told you about opening our office in Hong Kong, publishing our book “Connecting THE DOTS” and releasing the realising success® Academy. You will be pleased to know that all three activities are going as planned. The book is selling. The Hong Kong office is up and running and you can now subscribe to the Academy across multiple continents.

Undergoing our own transformation has not been for the faint hearted. Opening an office in Hong Kong means operating within new governance requirements and working with cultural nuances. Moving from being a mainly referral business to having to market product and services is more complex and exciting that we thought. Setting up a web site e-commerce facility, which you would think in this day and age would be simple, turned out to be far from simple. Lesson learned here is that global banks are not really global banks.

Having three strong leaders and a core competency in delivery management helps drive and implement the required change. The feedback we have had on our own change has been quite remarkable. That’s why we thought we would look at change and transformation in this newsletter.

We hope you enjoy the read and will check out the Academy and the book. For those that have bought it — thanks for your support we really do appreciate it.

Change and Transformation

Change in some shape or form is on most businesses to-do list. Whatever industry you work in, change is happening. Some of it will be forced upon the business and some will be self-driven. Success for many will be defined by change initiatives that take them from where they are to where they needed to be. From strategy to successful execution. We can speak from our own experience.

Some organisations are sceptical of change and transformation initiatives. Rightly so. But, there are a number of actions that you can take to ensure that your change initiative is successful. Here are some we would like to share with you:

  • Know what needs to change and communicate why.
  • Create an effective change and transformation capability.
  • Understand the difference between leadership and management.
  • Use proven frameworks and tools so you understand where your business is at today and where it needs to be in the future.
  • Ensure that you have a suitable operating model in place for your business and industry.
  • Drive the engagement and buy-in of employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Take incremental steps to create substantial change.
  • Understand the effort required.

It has never been so easy for a business to disrupt an established market segment. Just think Uber and Air BnB. What is your change initiative going to achieve?