Case Study - Beacon Business Systems

Retail Fuel Point of Sale


Key Challenges
To improve the development, testing and release management processes for the Beacon Multi-site Point of Sale and integrated financials application.

To reduce the number of support calls for new releases of the application.

To improve the end to end application testing process.

To prioritise and segment application development.

Document, review and understand current software development, testing, software release and application support processes.
Identify where each process could be optimised or transformed.

Introduce a Hackathon process for stress testing new releases.

Prioritise development and system

Implement a new testing and release management process.

Identify change release issues and risk.

Streamlined development, testing and release processes.

Achieved a 97% reduction in new release support calls using the new method.

Increased end user satisfaction.

Considerable reduction in system downtime.

Key Facts
Due to the complexity of the POS and integrated financials application, testing the application end-to-end prior to every release
was becoming problematic. The result was an increasing number of support calls being received after each new software release.

To add to the complexity, the application supports a number of device interfaces such as cash-drawers, scanners, scales and label

The objective was to remove unintended consequences of software updates and to address current issues facing the team, which included:
 The number of software releases each year.
 Repeat and resurfacing errors.
 Limited testing automation.
 Testing environments can differ to client technical environments.

We documented the current state technology architecture and operational processes.

Gaps, weaknesses and opportunities were identified.

Several process changes were made and roles and responsibilities were streamlined. A new hackathon process was introduced which allowed the various teams to stress test a new

Development and software testing checklists were created so the team could check nothing had slipped through the cracks.

Pulse Article: Reducing support calls from 600 to 3 saving thousands.

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