WA Government

Western Australia

Key Challenges

The complexity of the legacy ICT infrastructure and support structures.

Compliance and regulation requirements.

ICT capability assessment.

The organisations culture.

Defining Enterprise Architecture options.


Model the organisation structure to determine required roles and responsibilities.

Facilitated workshops to define enterprise architecture requirements.

Produce an enterprise architecture metamodel.

Define ICT competency requirements.

Define the ICT services required to support the new enterprise architecture.

Prioritise governance and change activities.

Recommend practices for managing multiple vendors for an ICT infrastructure renewal programme.

Identify requirements for positioning the Departments ICT function in the top quartile of Government Agencies for ICT Services.


A defined enterprise architecture.

Reduced ICT complexity.

Implemented a practical governance framework to support the transition.

Improved ICT capability and competency.

Established a progressive ICT services improvement programme.

Key Facts

The Department of Housing is part of the recently formed Department of Communities.  It is an integral part of the social housing portfolio of the Western Australia’s public sector.

Realising-Potential was engaged to complete a high level functional review of multiple enterprise level applications and define an Enterprise Architecture that would support the strategic objectives of the organisation.

We used the realising success® framework for managing and synchronizing project activities.  This provided a new level of insight and understanding.

It also provided the foundation for:

  • Discussion.
  • Verification.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Specification.
  • Configuration.

A metamodel was created to provide the design foundation for the infrastructure and application renewal programme.

Required ICT services and capability requirements were defined to enable ongoing development and management of the enterprises ICT capability and to help position the ICT team in the top quartile of Govt Agencies ICT Services.

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