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Mineral Sands

Iluka is an international mineral sands company with expertise in exploration, development, mining, processing, marketing and rehabilitation.


Key Challenges

To define the functionality requirements for project and engineering document control for both structured and unstructured content.

To overcome project document related process issues.

Understanding and getting clarity on the organisations information architecture.

Overcoming corporate politics.


Understand the challenges faced by major and minor capital project teams.

Facilitated workshops to define requirements.

Document the requirements for project and engineering document control that would deliver specific improvement outcomes.

Foster collaboration across disparate teams.


Clearly defined and articulated project and engineering document control and lifecycle management requirements.

Introduction of better practice.

Visualisation of capital works project process to identify the creation, use and sharing of high value information assets.

A single source of the truth approach to project documents.

Improved capital works project governance.

Key Facts

The company employs over eight hundred people across its operations, and a similar number of contractors.  The Corporate office is located in Perth Western Australia. The organisation has regional and marketing offices, as well as warehouse distribution points in a range of locations including: China, Malaysia, North and South America; Western Europe; the Middle East and South Africa.

The aim of this initiative was to define requirements for project and engineering document control for high value information assets.  

Defining a detailed requirements definition enabled the capital works team to identify potential applications that would meet their needs and fit with the existing enterprise architecture. It enabled the team to create a single source of the truth environment for all project information.

A vendor and application selection and assessment process was documented which allowed the Iluka team to commence discussions with suitable application providers.

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