Audit, Accounting, Tax and Business Advisory


Key Challenges

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Tax and Business Advisory function.


Provide full visibility if the end to end operational process for each associated business function.

Identify Gaps, Weaknesses and Opportunities.

Provide understanding and insight to allow the right investment and resourcing decisions to be made.


Process visualisation provided full visibility and understanding of the Tax and Business Advisory processes.

Identified risk and opportunity associated with Tax and Business Advisory services.

Improved compliance profitability.

Improved compliance efficiency and effectiveness.

Team buy in to the problem and solution.

Reduced rework.

Identification of where process automation can be applied to deliver and increase sustainable value.

Current and future state definition completed in a month.

Key Facts

By their nature, Tax and Business Advisory activities can vary in both size and complexity and have a number of fundamental elements that need ongoing management and alignment to ensure that Client requirements, and internal profit levels are met.

The aim of this initiative was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Tax and Business Advisory function.

The Partners of the business had a specific focus on improving compliance activity profitability and reducing the level of rework.

There was a limited time window available so the project needed to be completed within one month.

We used the realising success® platform to provide a systematic and reliable way of modelling business processes and capturing information.

Models were created to define and communicate how the business delivers and creates value for its clients and to clearly identify client/activity profitability.

Reviewing and refining specific performance measures provided a foundation for continuous improvement.

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