Mining Services & Civil Construction

Australia Key Challenges
  • Remediate an ERP implementation project and restructure of the project implementation team.
  • Manage change and transition across 4 key elements  Process, People, Technology and Information.
  • Positioned the business to be capable of executing large complex projects.


Manage and resolve the ERP implementation issues and implement it across all subsidiary companies.

Provide a unified transactional platform and improved project accounting and reporting.


  • A standardised integrated ERP solution across the group of companies.
  • Improved data and information availability and quality.

  • Reduced technology and application costs.

  • Improved people and process capability.

  • Created an enterprise architecture that would support the current and future states.

  • A 9X return on investment.

Key Facts

After struggling with a poor ERP implementation project, the NRW management team looked to Realising-Potential to manage the remediation of the project.

This meant a complete review of the project, its structure, deliverables and outcomes.

The plan was to implement a single ERP across the NRW group of companies to achieve standardisation of applications, processes, reporting and analytics.  The system was to provide a strong foundation for business capability.

This project has given NRW a standardized, unified platform to improve manageability, efficiency and reporting.

The project was completed within a twelve month timeframe.

Key outcomes and benefits included:

  • Standardisation of ERP platform.
  • Process and workflow improvement.
  • Reduced ICT costs.
  • A project completed on time, on budget.
  • Increased manageability, efficiency and agility.
  • Improved data and information quality and availability.
  • A commercially focused enterprise architecture.
  • The ability to execute large, complex projects.

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