In this episode of Connecting the Dots I am talking with Darryl Carr. Darryl is a highly experienced Enterprise Architect with over 30 years in IT and related fields. His current role is leading the enterprise architecture practice within the ABN Group. He has held various roles during his extensive career, typically around developing enterprise solutions and management. A key focus is the liaison between management and IT. In addition to his full time role, Darryl is editor of the Enterprise Journal and participates in lots of industry events.

This Weeks Guest Darryl Carr:
Experienced Architect and Builder of Professional Communities

Darryl is a professional Architect with substantial experience accumulated over more than 28 years in IT and related disciplines. In his early career, he had extensive experience in applications development, and has gone on to have significant involvement in business liaison roles, the design of enterprise scale solutions and the development of strategic road maps.

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