I have just completed another trip to Hong Kong. It’s that time of year when it rains frequently, is sweltering during the day and the rates of humidity are almost off the scale. Yet, it is still one of the most amazing cities. There is a vibrancy and optimism here. People are cautious yes, but they still see opportunities and progress them.

Whilst in Hong Kong I met with Mark Clift the Chief Operating Officer of Cyberport. Cyberport is a fantastic facility for tech based companies and communities. Over 150 companies call it home and over 5000 people work within the facility. The image doesn’t do justice to the scale of the site and the facilities within it. Cyberport is run by a private company but the shares are fully owned by the Hong Kong government.

So what can we all learn from Hong Kong? I think there are two things we can learn. The first is that governments need to facilitate more than budget funding for innovation. The second thing is there is tremendous benefit in creating an environment where people can collaborate across countries. That’s just what Cyberport and the Hong Kong government has done. Well done Mark Clift and Cyberport.