The term disruption is becoming a tad overused these days but I thought it was worth using to get across the point that the approach that businesses take to optimise or transform can depend on which of these camps they fall into.

A disrupting organisation is likely to have worked out what capabilities it has and needs in order to develop and change its target market or industry. A disrupted organisation will have little visibility of what capabilities is has and how to optimise them and realise their potential. 

A disrupting organisation will have planned and built its differentiators. They will have the capability to develop new products and services and have the ability to scale. Think Airbnb, they changed the accommodation industry business model and hospitality experience for users. They created new ways of doing and being that made them stand out. A disrupted organisation will have to react and respond to the market change. Not so easy when you have high cost fixed assets and rooms to fill.

A disrupting organisation will be able to monetise. They will know how to adeptly manage costs, they will monetise data, information and other key assets. Think social media platforms, they monetise other people’s data. A disrupted organisation will be forever playing catch up unless it builds and deploys new capabilities.

Then there is relevance. A disruptor will have determined how relevant the product and service will be to its target market. The disrupted will be continually positioning to be heard, seen and considered.

Regardless of whether you are a disruptor or disrupted there is one thing everyone needs to get right and that is attracting, converting and building sustainable relationships with customers.

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About the Author Jackie O’dowd: Jackie delivers improved business performance; creator of the realising success Framework, and author of Connecting The Dots – The Blueprint For Strategically Aligned Business Performance. Jackie helps organisations to solve problems and improve organisational capability and performance. With extensive experience across multiple industry sectors such as Petroleum, Manufacturing, Health, Civil & Mining Services, Employment Services, ICT, Oil & Gas, Government and Professional Services, the results speak for themselves. Jackie works with organisations that want to realise their potential and get real sustainable results. Connect with her on LinkedIn.