Is your business struggling to define an effective digital strategy and management plan? Social platforms, mobile solutions, cloud services, Internet of Things and big data are just some of the things that our clients are having to content with. Individually, they are not difficult to manage and are not too disruptive. Yet when deployed together you need a very robust execution strategy and an adaptable architecture.

Regardless of the technologies and toolsets that you deploy you need to ensure that your customer is front and centre. We are after all, aiming to solve their problems and deliver exceptional value so that they are not only customers but they become our businesses best advocates. As Peter Drucker says “businesses exist to service customers”.

Here are a few things that we believe you need to think about as your progress your digital strategy.

  • Make sure it forms part of the foundation for your businesses strategic performance.
  • Identify the things that differentiate your business and use digital technologies to protect and enhance them.
  • The degree of capability, knowledge and helpfulness of your people can very quickly distinguish your business from others. How does your enterprise architecture encourage and support people within your business to be helpful – to go that extra step in making your customers experience a good one.

The challenge question


We are often asked “what are the key challenges that our clients are facing?” Here are the two that stand out. They all struggle with too little time, and more often than not they don’t have the resources to do what they need to do. Resources can be time, capability or money.

If these are the sort of challenges that you find your business is facing today here are three things that you may want to consider that you can do to move forward.

  1. Focus on the strategy first. What are you needing to achieve? What does success look like?
  2. What are the critical goals and objectives? You need to define these so you can come up with an action plan.
  3. Identify what you currently have that can be leveraged and help move you towards your goal or objective.

What are you doing to make sure that you can face these challenges so you can move from surviving mode to thriving mode?