As we see it, there are three types of benefits that you can drive from your business systems:

  • Those that help you run your business.
  • Those that help you grow your business, and
  • Those that help you transform your business.

It’s amazing that so many organisations don’t know where to start. So here are some ideas:

  • Start with your strategy in mind – what are you wanting to achieve?
  • Identify areas where quick wins can be made.
  • Plan for and monitor longer term activities.
  • Make people accountable as well as responsible for driving the required outcomes.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate wins.
  • Use select meaningful performance indicators.
  • Ensure that your data and information quality is high – poor data leads to poor decisions.

Remember it’s not just about the numbers. A quote from Seth Godin “Organisations that do nothing but measure the numbers rarely create breakthroughs”.