What started off as a passing comment during a conversation has now morphed into a project that in some ways has developed a life all of its own. The conversation was simply about the role of spatial information in helping companies make better decisions and realise a better commercial return.

A classic example of this is simply the physical location of an object or asset. The problem increases in complexity when we start to expand the scale or area on which we wish to report. Over the years the application of technology to this problem has seen many approaches being developed ranging from simple radio frequency identification tags (RFID’s) through to robust satellite tags that can track objects as they make their way around the planet.

Whilst location is important for the problem we were trying to address, we also wanted to capture and transmit other data relating to the asset to provide a differentiated offering. So what first appeared to be simple and straight forward has turned into a rather complex project.

In looking at the physical tags themselves there are over three thousand active tracking tags manufactured in China and Taiwan, all making various claims but very few actually coming close to meeting the claims made.

Over the past few months we have kissed many frogs and hadn’t found the prince, but with the help of a new key strategic partner we are close to realising the goal we have set. Our plan is, in the coming months, to share our findings with you and to show some of the commercial applications that we are getting quite excited about.

We will provide more on this in our next newsletter so watch this space…