Questions You Need to Ask.

We are currently working on several Enterprise Architecture projects, which are both challenging and fun; a great combination.
The interesting thing about enterprise architecture projects is that they are often seen by Executive teams as being ICT projects and therefore scant regard is paid to what can be a great enabler for the business.

Architecture like strategy is an iterative process and could be two sides of the same coin. It raises questions such as:

  • How do we achieve sustainable advantage?
  • What do we already have that can be reused or adapted?
  • What do we need to do to change?
  • Do we have the capability and competency to drive what’s needed?
  • Is the business model and structure right?
  • What interactive systems and dependant processes do we have?

No doubt these are all good questions to ask at your next strategy and planning meeting.

We would be happy to help your organisation draw out the answers and help you build future capability?

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