Expert Advisory, Opinion, and Witness Services

As Independent specialists we have worked on behalf of ICT Vendors, Clients, and Specialist Legal Advisors and we actively engage with a range of Stakeholders from Boards, Executive Teams to Technical Specialists.

We review, investigate, analyse and prepare expert advisory, opinion and witness reports to deliver practical, and cost effective, services for our Client that has ICT disputes to resolve, or questions to answer.

Our experts have been working in this field since 2002 and whether you are dealing with:

  • A failed or stalled ICT project.
  • A failed or stalled systems implementation
  • Problem Application and Technology architectures.

We can certainly assist you.

RP Enterprise Model

Our expertise, and specialist knowledge, delivers considered opinion which may be used to support arbitration, tribunal or court processes.

Examples of projects undertaken.

A Client needed an expert opinion in order to resolve systems implementation issues with an ERP Software Vendor.

A Government Department needed an opinion on the development of a bespoke application.

A Client needed an expert opinion to support a case that was heading for litigation after months of not being able to get past the dispute, The expert witness report was crucial to having both parties amicably settle prior to heading to court.