Details of Project

Industry: National legal firm
Service Type: Enterprise Application Implementation

The Client

A National legal firm, representing the application vendor, defending a claim for product misrepresentation and failing to perform implementation services with due care and skill. Realising-Potential had no prior knowledge of or involvement with this project.

The Challenge

To provide an expert opinion on project documents, the implementation methodology and the approach used as part of the application implementation. The expert opinion was based on our extensive experience implementing large complex enterprise applications across numerous industry sectors.

The Solution

An Expert Opinion Report that was used by the legal team and the Federal Court of Victoria.

The Result

After the expert opinion was provided and following numerous meetings the case settled prior to trial.

Project outcomes:

  • An expert opinion of project documents produced during the project lifecycle and the implementation approach used.
  • A detailed comparison of what should have occurred versus what did occur during the project.
  • Settlement prior to trial. If your business is facing similar challenges, call us to see how we can help