I thought I would share the foundation of the Realising Success® Framework as it may help you navigate through the crisis that is impacting just about every business.

The realising success® framework has seven core elements that we believe you need to align to build a resilient sustainable business, these are :

  • Strategy
  • Structures
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Information; and
  • Governance

Each of these elements form part of your organisations baseline.

Let’s start with the first core element, Strategy. The strategy your business had last month in many cases won’t be relevant today, given impact of the pandemic and economic disruption. Most businesses had strategies for some sort of growth, acquisition, divestment and digital automation. These are likely to have changed, so the business can simply respond, react and adapt to the changes that every business is confronting. Now it’s all about survival.

The second core element is Structures, these are the legal, divisional, functional and team structures that support the operations of the business. Many businesses have had to let people go, which is incredibly difficult for the individuals involved, as well as the business as a whole. People changes impact business structures, particularly around decision-making, responsibility, accountability and generally getting things done.

The third core element is People. People make things happen and right now we all have new ways of being and doing given the changes that are happening around us. Things are tough, especially for small to medium size organisations that have small teams and are faced with having to let people go. We are all having to react, respond and adapt to daily changes, over which we don’t always have control. For those working from home we are having to use new technologies, collaborate and co-create remotely. It is not as easy as it sounds.

The fourth core element is Process.  If you thought business process models were a nice to have, you are probably rethinking that now. You should be looking at the insight that they provide so you can react, respond and adapt in the most effective way and to shore up the organisations changing landscape. Your business processes define what gets done, when, how and by whom, they also are really good for highlighting areas of risk. They are the way you put your strategy into operation.

The fifth core element is Technology. This is a great enabler, and allows us to stay in contact, and work from home if you job allows it. It is part of the engine room of the business. We are all seeing the investment in digital technologies made in the last couple of years is paying off right now.  A great example is the development of Telehealth, doctors can now use digital technologies to consult with patients at home or away from the practice or surgery, taking the pressure off clinics and hospitals, and making things safer for the general public and patients. The likes of Zoom and MS Teams has provided new and adaptable ways of working, which has been really beneficial for many businesses. A great example is the use of Zoom. Last week I attended a 2 day intensive on-line workshop that was originally planned as a face to face session. Adam Franklin from Bluewire Media did a total pivot and put the conference on line, so 35 people from around the globe, could participate. It was a highly successful event. It will shape a new way of doing certain types of events. We (Realising-Potential) created realising success® as a cloud based platform so businesses can manage the business and be better at what they do regardless of geography or industry.

The sixth element is Information. Data and information flows are vital, so getting the right information to the right people at the right time in the best format is critical now. Digital technology and architectures certainly make this easier. You need to define what information and information flows you need and ensure that the data and information you use has integrity.

The seventh and last element Governance. Governance requirements are changing on a daily basis, with new regulation, laws and compliance requirements coming into effect and having to be managed. This is a critical time. All legal and contractual obligations and the impact of change needs to be understood and communicated, no matter how small or large the business. This is one of the key reasons why process models are not a nice to have, they are key to making effective change, understanding value and risk and helping you navigate the future.

If you are struggling with how you navigate from where your business is, to where it needs to be, then the realising success® framework may be just be your solution you are looking for. Contact us and let’s see if it’s a fit.

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