Happy New Year. 2015 went by so quickly. During the year we completed some great projects with amazing clients. These projects included an SAP implementation, delivered under time and within budget: An Enterprise Architecture designed to transform a multi-tiered business and an Engineering Content Management requirements definition. In amongst these client projects we embarked on the development of a new web site with the expert assistance of The Chad Barr Group in the USA.

So welcome to the brand new issue of The Strategist as we would like to share some of the things we have planned for 2016. There are three reasons we are so excited about 2016.

Reason 1 – the 4th January will see the release our new book Connecting The Dots, The Blueprint for Strategically Aligned Business Performance. In the book we outline the elements you need to consider to drive aligned business improvement and transformation. Only the most successful businesses can connect the dots. This book gives you the tools to do just that. After reading the book you will:

  • Be able to apply a proven commercially focussed consulting process for getting your business from where it is today to where it needs to be.
  • Understand how your internal team can be your agents of change.
  • Plan how to make your business more competitive and enhance its differentiators.
  • Gain insight into how to optimise your business.

You can purchase your soft copy by clicking here.

Reason 2 – we are really excited about the launch of the realising success®. Over the last year or so we have searched for a platform that would provide a vehicle to automate our Strategic Performance Framework and that would also provide users with a great user experience. We finally found it. Using this platform, commencing on January 4th we will release realising success® as a cloud based subscription service. The Academy provides a proven consulting framework that drives results. It is relevant to all businesses that are looking to improve performance and how things are done. Users can interact with the Academy in a guided step by step process. It contains a series of defined processes, instructional text and videos to guide you and checklists that help identify gaps, weaknesses and opportunities. We recommend that you check out the Academy if you want to improve and transform your business.

Reason 3 – a new presence in Hong Kong. We have had a great opportunity to expand into South East Asia and recently established a presence in Hong Kong. This will allow us to better serve our customers in this region.

We are planning to hold a Realising-Success® Master Class in Hong Kong in the first half of 2016. So watch this space (and the web site) for more information on what we are doing in South East Asia.

If you would like more information on anything we have mentioned in the newsletter, please email us at info@realisingpotential.com.au