This week I am in Sydney attending a Her Business marketing mastermind session, facilitated by Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon and attended by the most amazing group of savvy business owners.

When I was first asked if I wanted to join, I was unsure if it was for me and questioned if it would deliver any value. The interesting thing is I have found that it provides time to focus on the business, to work on the marketing activities that otherwise would be put off because they were either seen as too hard or not a pressing priority. Michelle and Suzi provide insight and better practice. The really interesting thing is that the group is a great support network for testing and challenging new ideas. To test what works and what doesn’t.

It’s a work in progress.

In the words of Seth Godin “Your peer group are people with similar dreams, goals and worldviews. They are people who will push you in exchange for being pushed, who will raise the bar and tell you the truth. They’re not in your business, but they’re in your shoes”.

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