Senior businessman helping his younger colleague with financial analysis

I thought I would share some of the winning moves of some successful, savvy CIO’s – ICT leaders that are making a real difference and winning. They will know who they are.

They understand the total cost of service provision.
They select service providers that offer strategic as well as operational value and can distinguish between the two. Vendor offerings are streamlined and managed. Budgeting is not based on the 80/20 rule. Budgets are framed around outcomes.

They create and manage the technology agenda.
Focus is on the technologies required to enable the business. They develop ways to tie the ERP system, specialist applications, business intelligence and devices together to improve the User, Business and Customer experience.

They form and manage the business systems Vision
Taking the lessons learned from how the business has got to where it is today- extrapolating what needs to be done to achieve the required outcomes, they set,
communicate and manage the vision.

They use a Hybrid approach to tools and methodologies
They don’t hold firm to specific tools and methodologies. Using a hybrid approach they pick the best elements of what’s available to suit the business and situation and apply them.

They lead from the front
Continually working to deliver value and opportunity to the business they lead their team and orchestrate the overall delivery performance, managing both perception and reality.

They track and manage benefits
Not only do they know the cost of service delivery they can accurately report the $value of benefits the current systems and services actually provide to the organisation.

They are accessible
Time management and being accessible is one of the tougher challenges. Time is made available for what matters within a demanding priorities and innovation list. Better practice and innovation opportunities are shared and explored with subject matter experts, vendors, service providers and internal teams.