Most successful businesses understand what it takes to get results.  They also understand what they have to do to get results.  In my experience there are a number of things successful business have in common.  Here are some from the top of my list.

  1. They have focussed leadership and management.

    There is a vision of what success looks like.  Time has been taken to question, challenge and plan so they know that what they are aiming for is achievable.

  2. They never lose sight of the big picture.

    Everything they do is aligned to the strategy.

  3. They don’t confuse progress with achievement.

    They manage activities so clear progress is made.

  4. Problem solving is everyone’s job.

    It doesn’t matter what your role is, you are empowered to solve problems.

  5. People understand how they contribute to delivering the required outcomes.

    Every role and every process drives value.

  6. Information is available and shared.

    Information is not locked into silos, systems are integrated and data and information accessible to those that need it.  Subject to access rules of course!

  7. Cross functional team collaboration.
    Individual business functions understand the end goal and foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.

So, how well does your organisation connect the dots?