Business capability in simple terms means “what your business does”. To improve and grow your businesses capability you need to understand what your business does, how it does it and why it does it. Simple right? There are several capability modelling tools that you can use, or you can start with something as basic as pen and paper to start developing your capability map.

Creating a capability map helps you to visualise what the organisation does, and is a great way to help you identify where gaps, weaknesses and opportunities exist.

So here are a few things that you can do to assess and grow your organisations capability level.

  1. Identify at a high level what your organisation does for example — “Manage Products and Services”.
  2. Break “Manage Products and Services” into its component parts for example — “Define target market” Identify market opportunities” etc…….
  3. Rate each capability using a scale that makes sense to your business. The scale can be as simple as 1 = Ad-hoc, 2 = Inconsistent, 3 = Consistent, 4 = Managed and Measured.
  4. Identify gaps, weaknesses and opportunities.

Not all business capabilities are equally important, so select the ones that align with your strategic objectives. If you haven’t devised your strategy, then a great place to start is looking at those capabilities that drive value, generate cash and improve your customers experience when interacting with you.

Until next time…….