Mobile devices are making a positive impact within most businesses. They provide the opportunity to deliver and capture information at the coal face. Let’s face it they are a fundamental part of most people’s personal and professional lives. All you need is a device, application and network access. A simple formula…….. Information + Connectivity = Improved Productivity.

It enables getting the right information to the right people at the right time and can drive the behavioural change that can improve productivity. People can react and respond when they need to in the most appropriate way. The Australian newspaper reported today that Woolworths have issued iPads to store managers to improve inventory management, free managers from desks and to communicate with customers.

I know my own productivity is impacted if I don’t have access to and the use of my iPhone or iPad whilst away from the office. Today it’s all about finding and delivering information quickly, getting answers to questions and connecting to colleagues and clients, and of course making better decisions when you need to.