During the Trust and Accountability Boardroom Breakfast we held on Friday, I asked the following two questions:

How many of your organisations have process models defined and documented?

How many of your organisations leverage that information for insights into how the business functions – especially where trust is and accountability is concerned?

The response, less than 50% of organisations represented have modelled their business processes and these are mainly used to standardise how things are done. None of the organisations represented at the session leverage the intelligence and insights that business process models provide to build trust, improve performance desired behaviours or accountability.

If this sample of senior leaders is anything to go by, there is such opportunity to leverage what they have and to improve organisational performance on many levels.

If we want to improve, optimise and transform our organisation it pays to start with understanding the basics of how things are currently done, using our 7 Core Elements model – Strategy, Structures, People, Process, Technology, Information and Governance as a frame. We need to not only understand the functional and technology dimensions of a process, which is what most teams concentrate on,  but the emotional, social, strategic and financial ones too.

In the work that we do, we help senior and operational teams align all 7 elements because if they are not aligned the organisation will not realise its full potential.

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