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PACT - Building Potential

PACT Construction is the commercial construction arm of the ABN Group, Australia’s leading Construction, Finance and Property Group. PACT Construction specialise in the construction of diversified commercial construction projects in metropolitan WA.

In 2018 Realising-Potential were commissioned by PACT Construction to undertake a high-level review of business processes and workflows to identify opportunities to improve and streamline how the business was operating. This first commission took approximately 5 weeks and highlighted opportunities for improvement.

Then in early 2019 Realising-Potential were engaged on a second commission to complete a more detailed review, exploration and recommendation phase across key of the business. The aim was to identify tangible opportunities to implement systems, process and procedural change to achieve improved efficiencies in how we operated on a day to day basis.

Over the 17-week journey, our people worked closely with Jackie O’Dowd and Brian Higson who quite simply became an extension of our team. At all times we found Jackie and Brian to be friendly, professional and keenly focused on building trust, delivering genuine value and collaborating to build quality outcomes for both the business and our people. The RP process was intense and required commitment from both our teams. Together we developed an extensive agenda of improvement opportunities to implement across the business in 2020/21.

Ultimately Realising-Potential (Jackie and Brian) met the expectations of the business and allowed us to achieve our intended outcomes. We would be pleased to be contacted if required to speak further about our experience working with Realising-Potential.

Yours faithfully,

Jason Kunkler

General Manager

PACT Construction

Bob Hawke College


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