I was fortunate recently to extend my travel to go to New York and Washington. Apart from enjoying the warm weather and large city culture one thing that was very apparent, especially in Washington DC was the positive business outlook. There appeared to be a general acceptance of the changing global business environment and the need for constant adjustment (even the iron ore price rated a mention). I found there was a certain energy in Washington that wasn’t as evident in New York.

Whilst the U.S. and Australian approach to business can be different there are a number of things that came up in various conversations that were obvious that we have in common.

  • The ongoing battle to generate sales and revenue.
  • Managing customer relationships.
  • Investment and funding.
  • Increasing regulation and regulation changes.

It appears life in the SME (small and medium enterprise) world is tough no matter where you are.

It may pay the state and federal governments to look at what is happening in Washington and help generate the same level of positive business outlook in Australia.