Our October 2017 newsletter went out this week.

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Register now for our Business Optimisation and Transformation Master class

Our October Master class filled up straight away and is running on October 19. Due to high demand, we have decided to run another one on November 22. You can register here.

Why should you make the time and investment?

It will give you the opportunity to look at where your business, division, or department is at, the challenges that it faces and how you can better anticipate change. When you start an optimisation or transformation project you are fundamentally changing the business. So you need to understand very early on the fundamentals of change. We will explain what these are.

You will learn new ways of doing things to get quick wins and sustainable results. We will provide you with a list of things that you need to consider and you will have a plan to action at the end.


Another successful project

We have just finished Phase 1 of a process improvement project for an audit, accounting and tax advisory firm. The aim was to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of one particular business unit. Within four weeks we modelled current business processes, identified where current business rules and workflow got in the way and determined how the alignment of four key areas would result in improved performance. Proposed changes are now being implemented.

“This project has certainly provided transparency to the operations covered, exposing idiosyncrasies and facilitating discussion based on the known and ensuring subsequent communication and action. It has led to effective, efficient and economic output for the organisation. Jackie and Brian were personable, knowledgeable and a pleasure for those involved to work with”.

Michael Bennett
Director – Chief Executive
Moore Stephens (WA) Pty Ltd

It was a great project and proves that using great tools and an experienced approach can gain sustainable quick wins.

Curtin Session

We were recently invited back to talk to Curtin students about business architecture and business transformation. It brought back memories of lectures, assignments and a drive to learn. These sessions are incredibly valuable for those that give them and those that get to participate.

The students get to learn what issues and challenges businesses are facing and how professional services firms like ours provide and implement solutions. We get exposed to their thinking and ideas.

One key thing that came out of this latest session – it takes the same amount of effort to develop for scale than it does to build for small and local.

Case Study

Beacon Business

If you haven’t seen the recent Beacon Business Systems case study you may want to take a look. They subscribed to our realising success® Framework to help them with their continuous improvement activities and used it to streamline and improve their software development, testing and release management. They achieved great results within a number of weeks:

  • A new software release and testing process.
  • A 97% reduction in support calls related to the new software release.
  • Their clients are now asking for the new release.
  • Great work by the Beacon team.