Throughout history every successful business has sought the ability to react, respond, and quickly adapt to change.

In 2020 the pace just increased exponentially, and these skills are now essential. Why? Because there are different problems to solve, new ways of working as new technologies shift the capabilities that are needed to survive, and for those that can change, thrive.

Where to start?

There is no doubt every organisation has problems to solve and challenges to face. Some are more pressing and critical than others. There will be signs that you need to do something. There are several approaches available and you can start small with one particular problem and build from there; or you can look to optimise one operational function, product or service; or you can take a whole of enterprise approach. Regardless of where you start, you need to understand your baseline – that means being clear about:

  • what you are trying to improve or transform
  • what you have
  • what it costs
  • what works, and
  • what doesn’t.

From here you can identify gaps and opportunities.

Designing a better business

Every business needs to design and align seven key enablers to build a strong, resilient and sustainable operational core. If you change one of these elements, you need to be clear about the impact on the others.

Strategy means setting the direction and objectives. Structures are the foundation on which the organisation is built, and as they evolve over time, things can become duplicated and the level of complexity simply increases. People get things done and help to make sense of it all.

Processes are the methods by which things get done, they define the activities and the timing of those activities across the organisation. A technology enabled and connected organisation can be a game changer. Data and information, is becoming the lifeblood of business, high quality data and information is critical. Last but not least is governance which supports the business of today but allows a smooth transition to tomorrow.

This is the point where all the pieces come together and you have the opportunity to model what the future state can look like. It enables decisions to be based on fact and not guesswork. Given the changing world of business, now more than ever, every business needs to rethink what they do and how they do it to enable, resiliency and sustainability, improved efficiency and effectiveness and to build capability to deliver value to those it serves.

Effective and efficient implementation

We call this part “connecting the dots” as this is where the playbook helps you to bring all of the seven aspects together so the organisation can build and enhance the ability to react, respond and adapt. It is an accelerator of change and performance. Not only do we provide the playbook but we provide the underlying technology and support that enables your teams to collaborate, make the changes and drive the improvement and transformation that you need.

Connecting the dots is all about continuous improvement and intelligence so those within and on the outside get to see and experience the best of your organisation

Benefits Realisation

At the end of the day every business wants to be successful, have a product or service that customers want, is not vulnerable to external changes, delivers value and stands out from the crowd. The playbook is all about new ways of being and doing and designing things to work together and getting fast sustainable results.

It’s about being a smarter, better performing organisation.

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