Our Approach

As every project is unique we tailor our services to suit. We work with you to achieve your defined outcomes, whether that’s business improvement, developing a business or enterprise level architecture, implementing a new enterprise system, or solving a complex problem.

The owners of the business have over 25 years experience in helping businesses get from where they are to where they need to be in Australia and internationally.

Integrity, ethics and independence form the foundation for all services delivery. All of our projects are overseen by the personal involvement and oversight of the directors.

Central to our approach is our proven framework realising success®, and yes, we use it ourselves.

Business Architecture

Sustainability and repeatability are supported by the power of alignment of key business enablers such as Technology, Process, People and Information.

As with any initiative you need to define a starting point and have a compelling reason for change. What are the strategic outcomes that you need to achieve? It’s not always about growth, profit or cash management, although, these are important.

You need a proven approach to define, plan, drive and deliver strategic outcomes and performance. 

We help you to:

  • Build and deliver a sustainable performance architecture for your business.

  • Support and guide the change and transition process.

  • Drive the strategy alignment process.

  • Build organisational capability.

  • Get you from where you are to where you need to be

Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, PLM, ECM)

(Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Product/Project Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Content Management)

You need to provide the data and information you need to run and manage your business and have enterprise applications that improve your operational processes and enhance overall performance. By enterprise applications, we mean integrated applications that will support the entire business. 

We provide independent and expert guidance to help you define your business requirements, implement your chosen enterprise application and drive operational performance and capability.

System & Process Reviews

If your systems and processes are not delivering as they should and you are unsure as to what to do, we can review what you have and help you determine what you need.

Completing a review of your current systems and ways of doing things gives you a clear view of what you have, what overlaps, what needs to be upgraded or replaced and it identifies where value is generated are areas where risk needs to be managed..

We consider how all the pieces interrelate and the impact of making changes. We help you design and deploy your systems and processes to be agile and responsive to your business needs, making sure you get the right information, to the right people, at the right time, in the appropriate format.

Implementation & Change Management

Delivery Management is more than Project Management. It is the leadership and management required to optimise and transform systems, process, people and information to achieve business outcomes.

We ensure that required project outcomes are met and delivered on time, on budget (or under) and to the defined scope. We are your advocate, and if required, will manage and facilitate internal and external relationships to ensure your project is successful.

We believe there are several non-negotiable elements to ensure desired outcomes are achieved including:

  • Leadership and Management 

  • Governance and oversight

  • Relationship management and collaboration

  • Engagement and buy-in

  • Responsibility and accountability.

  • User Acceptance Testing.

  • Building for continuous improvement and sustainability.

Enterprise Application remediation

Have you implemented an Enterprise System and it has been poorly implemented or is not delivering what it should? We have helped clients to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of the systems and maximise the use of functionality

  • Streamline business processes workflow and data entry

  • Achieve better practice

  • Improve reporting and analytics

  • Improve user experience and satisfaction

Call us and ask us how we can help you improve your system and return on investment and what we have done for other clients.

Expert Opinion

Having undertaken a number of Expert Opinion projects across Australia, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide expert opinion/witness services for mediation and litigation.