"I believe the Information Architecture Plan has done more than meet the objectives and outcomes, and I don't think you will see a more comprehensive and practical approach to planning Information Architecture."


Details of Project

Industry: Port Services
Service Type: Business Architecture

The Client

A Government trading enterprise that strategically manages Port services.

The Challenge

This large complex organisation wanted to develop an Enterprise Architecture in order to address its key strategic objectives and improve its management of data, information and knowledge.

Objectives were to:

  • Improve the management and availability of data, information and knowledge.
  • Improve systems return on investment.
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness.

There were a number of challenges we faced:

  • The lack of knowledge of what an Enterprise Architecture could provide and enable.
  • Stopping the various teams concentrating on specific applications and technologies.

The Solution

Realising-Potential was asked to develop an Enterprise Architecture plan. A review of the current information and business systems was completed.

A systems and information inventory was undertaken to identify what information the business had, where it was stored and what it needed.

A number of models were used to communicate the current and future states.

An Enterprise Architecture was developed along with a phased transition plan.

The Result

A documented Enterprise Architecture that was approved for implementation.