realising potential framework

Common sense in a BOx to deliver solutions to your stakeholders

The platform helps Enterprise Architecture and Technology Leaders prioritise, plan, monitor, analyse, and scale complex initiatives.

From business leaders to enterprise architects, business analysts, consultants and front-line staff, the realising potential® platform supports all of the roles involved and engaged in business architecture, optimisation and transformation.

Business leaders are supported in defining and executing the strategy and targeted outcomes whilst analysts, architects and consultants have a shared global modelling work space that ensures standardisation and collaboration and that gets results fast.

  • Work smarter not harder
  • Get everyone Aligned
  • Measure what’s important
  • Capture & share knowledge for maximum business benefit
  • Effectively manage change
  • De-Risk projects
  • Build Capability
optimise implement design baseline diagram

Why you need it!

Before you start any business improvement, transformation or architecture project you need to understand:

  • what you currently have
  • where it is
  • what it costs and
  • any gaps, weaknesses or opportunities.

The realising potential® platform provides a complete 4 step comprehensive business architecture framework to follow, comprising step by step guides, models, diagrams, templates and checklists.  All powered by a Gartner® rated cloud eBPMS platform.

You have the capability to understand your current state, design the future state, implement the change with confidence and optimise the business so you can deliver your required business outcomes.

You will have clarity on the areas of your business that can be improved and have the capability to design and implement the change.  The more you use it the more valuable it becomes.

Empower your team

The realising potential® platform lets you understand your current state and experiment with change before you make it, helping you to determine the best way forward and preventing costly mistakes.

Current → Future → Change

You gain better understanding and insight from one solution. Both your current and future state processes can be modelled so you can experiment and visualise the what if? All process models are dynamically linked through the use of Master Data so any change is instantly reflected across any model that references it.

Current future change diagrams

Visualise and Communicate Change

The realising potential® platform gives you the ability to see the impact of change over time. A great way to ensure the alignment of your projects and initiatives to your strategic objectives and goals.

Quick and easy document creation

The realising potential® platform, powered by BusinessOptix®, dynamically produces documentation in PDF or HTML formats without the need to export to Word or PowerPoint. Using a traditional modelling tool it could take days to produce documentation, let alone manage the change across multiple applications.

You can now do it in minutes along with complete version control and change audit logging.

Stakeholder can engage in real time with review and feedback options without having to resort to multiple iterations via e-mail. It’s all in one centrally managed, secure location and is accessible globally.


Subscribe today

As a realising potential® platform subscriber you get access to:

  • A cloud based shared modelling platform accessible from anywhere.
  • The realising potential® library.
  • 2 x roundtable sessions of 2 hours each at a pre-scheduled time to provide assistance and guidance on the problems you are aiming to solve using the framework.
  • Access to experts that can support you in your project.