realising success®

The uncertain economic times are creating major pressures for many businesses. Competition is relentless, constant technology advances are disrupting old ways of doing things and innovation is now on the boardroom agenda. All the while shareholders and senior management are driving agendas around doing more with less.

The current business situation needs to be carefully analysed to identify what you have, what works (and doesn’t) and the gaps and opportunities.

Our solution is realising success®, a comprehensive business improvement framework that has been designed by a team of highly successful management consultants so that you and you people can successfully implement your project.

5 Best Practices for Building Better Business Information

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It is often said that getting the right information to the right people at the right time in the right format enables organisational effectiveness and better decision-making. The question is how do you get to that point? These are five of the best practices that we believe are applicable to most organisations.

7 Best Practices for ERP Design Documents

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The purpose of this paper is to identify what we consider to be the best practices associated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system design documents. The adoption of best or better practice can improve the time, cost and quality outcomes of your project. Read this paper to find out more…The 6 Key Things You Need To Consider When Implementing Enterprise Level System

In this paper you will find information on the 6 key things that we find businesses overlook or don’t consider highly enough when they are implementing systems. It could save you a lot of time and a lot of money. Find out how by reading this paper.


Realising-Potential Brochure

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Investments in technology and new ways of doing things are of little value unless people are trained on what to do and how and when to do it. Read this document to gain insight into our approach to connecting the dots ……..