Why you should use the realising success® Strategic Performance Framework

This may sound like common sense. Often organisations rush the process of selecting and purchasing new technologies without any thought to how they need to integrate and fit into existing architectures. When you have a hammer you always look for a nail. Download this paper to assist you to realise your potential. This video summarises the essential need for alignment to achieve success. The message is simple yet effective.

AIIA Member Insight Series: Jackie O’Dowd, Realising-Potential

AIIA CEO Suzanne Campbell recently met with Jackie O’Dowd, Strategic Performance Architect, Realising-Potential. They spoke about the boutique business consultancy and the services that Realising-Potential offers including solving business problems, implementing enterprise solutions and devising business models to meet strategic objectives for their customers. Jackie also spoke of the value of AIIA membership and the business and networking opportunities they have accessed in the 12months since becoming an AIIA member.