Realising-Potential Newsletter 2020-03 September

Realise your thinking potential

There is a way that you can do it easily, painlessly and cost-effectively and it’s called Whole Brain Thinking. HBDI is a psychometric assessment that describes the degree to which people think in relation to the 4 quadrants of the HBDI model. It can help you maximise and leverage brainpower and thinking/working preferences of your teams.

It’s a great catalyst for team alignment, collaboration and co-creation, providing a view of the similarities and differences in team thinking styles. There is no right or wrong way – just different ways.

If you would like to gain the whole brain thinking advantage for your team or business, we can assist with profiling and debriefing and interpretation sessions. Contact us if you would like more information.

Click on the video (to your right) to find out how we use our consulting expertise in conjunction with the BusinessOptix platform to deliver real results and business insight.

Getting to grips with Artificial Intelligence

If you have been around the IT or software engineering sectors for any length of time you have likely come across the term artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is about digital ways of being, doing and decision-making. Artificial intelligence is not new, in fact it’s been around for over fifty years. There is an element of hype that surrounds AI, as there is with a lot of technology, but what is not hype are the business possibilities and opportunities AI creates.

If you are looking to get to grips with what Artificial Intelligence is, and what’s involved, we have written a paper that you might find useful.

You can request a copy by simply emailing us, click on this link.

Optimising and transforming your organisation

If transition, optimisation or transformation is on your agenda, then you will benefit from watching our webinar replay, where we explain the benefits of using a playbook to guide activities, provide visibility and gain momentum. You can access the replay by clicking on the image.

The Strategy Shift

Every business has reviewed and updated its strategy lately, given recent world events.

But how many of these strategies have involved looking at growing the “network effect” and in doing this, increasing the value of a business over time?

As businesses build and implement the network effect they create two types of value, the first is from the network itself and the second is the learning effect gained from new insights.

If you are using the realising success platform you have the ability to take advantage of the network effect as a result of using the linkages and other models to gain insights that may not be immediately obvious.

We are looking at a new toolset within the realising success platform to deliver real insight. We have included some sample images that have come out of our developments to date. You can see in the example to the right that we start with a single process model. We then drill down to look at the activities that are linked to this process. The third step is to query what systems are being used in delivering this process. This provides the user with the ability to start to slice and dice the data within the platform to confirm their understanding or gain insights to relationships that you may have been completely unaware of.

If you want to gain the benefits of your own “network effect”, schedule a consult with us and we can show you how.