Realising-Potential Newsletter 2020-04 December

The end of another year!

And what a year it has been. For us, and the majority of people we talk to and work with 2020 has not been without its issues and frustrations. We are looking forward to a positive, pandemic controlled and prosperous 2021.

At times like these having a snapshot of where things are at can provide hope, inspiration, and targets for a new year, and where better to get that snapshot but the RBA.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has published a series of snapshots as of 3rd November 2020 and we thought we would share some of the key economic indicators.

      • Inflation 0.7%
      • Unemployment rate of 6.9%
      • Uncertainty for business is HIGH
      • Australian Banks are Resilient
      • 63% of payments are made with a card
      • During a typical week, 22% of people hold no cash in their wallet

So as the year draws to a close, we wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable holiday season, and we look forward to linking up with you in the New Year.

Our office will close for the holidays on Monday 21st December 2020 and reopen on Monday 4th January 2021.

Management Briefing Sessions for those wanting to improve performance, alignment, and scale

Those that know Realising-Potential will be aware that we developed the 7 Key Elements Alignment Model and approach. This approach is proven, tried, and tested by our clients on real-world projects. Alignment is about capabilities and action, including framing and addressing leadership and management challenges around those things that are core to the business. It provides an opportunity to explore, experiment, and challenge. 

If you are interested in understanding how you can improve the alignment of your organisation’s 7 Key Elements, then you need to attend our Management Briefing Sessions.  These Management Briefings are virtual sessions comprising 7 sessions, commencing in January. Each session has a duration of 45 minutes and will focus on one of the Key Elements per session. 

Places are limited so if you want to participate in the January series then please register your interest before Friday 18th December 2020 at

Turnaround and Transformation is a high stake activity

When companies need to revamp and transform, it usually happens under pressure. Some companies have a plan, others just know that they need to do something. Revamping, transforming, and turning around a business means a fundamental change to all aspects of the business. It needs a top-down, bottom-up approach. There will be a number of crucial and difficult conversations throughout the process that will prove uncomfortable for some.  The stakes are often high, so activities can’t happen in a disjointed way, it needs a whole of business approach.  

Twenty years of advising and facilitating improvement and transformation activities with clients have provided our team with many insights into what it takes to achieve a successful revamp or transformation. If you want to know more about our top-down, bottom-up approach, let’s have a conversation.

There is more knowledge at the edge than at the centre

We are seeing increasing numbers of businesses emerging from the impact of the pandemic. To survive some businesses have focussed on cost-cutting, letting people go, and streamlining activities. Others have taken advantage of market changes, business acquisition opportunities, and developing new capabilities. One thing is for sure we are all in a different place now and the knowledge and capabilities we have and need going forward are also different.

As organisations come to grips with new realities and ways of being and doing, the ability to leverage capabilities and knowledge is going to be much needed. Every business has useful and available knowledge, but how it is used and applied can make a huge difference. Knowledge exists at every layer of the organisation and interestingly all knowledge does not reside with the executive and management teams. The challenge is harnessing this knowledge at the centre and the edge, in a useful, productive, and coherent way.

We are in a different place now to where we were at the beginning of the year. Consider the business benefits of leveraging the knowledge your organisation has. The following are some of the possible outcomes that you can achieve is 2021:

      • Uplift in performance
      • Automation and innovation
      • New markets and customers
      • Improved resource allocation
      • Greater alignment and visibility

It’s important to avoid critical and important knowledge being held by only a few people because it can’t easily be leveraged and accessed. When you have effective ways of sharing and accessing knowledge across the organisation it will be more widely used and its value increases.

If you want to get the best outcomes from your business’ knowledge we can show you the right tools and approach to capture, share and leverage what you have, contact us at

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