As business and economic challenges increase we are starting to see the role of the CFO morph from a pure financial transactional and reporting function, to that of strategic change and performance agent.

Whilst complexity in reporting and financial statements varies, given the type of organisation and its reporting and compliance requirements, the CFO now has to contend with broader organisational complexity. This complexity is driven from the number of business activities, interdependencies, reporting and audit requirements, funding management, the number of stakeholders and conflicting priorities.

Finance is an area that really hasn’t changed much over the last decade. But that was then and this is now.

The CFO “change agent” now has to contend with driving performance improvement, managing cash and leveraging organisational capability and value.

This is where business architecture can be used as the framework for delivery and reducing complexity.

The Realising-Potential team has helped a number of CFO “change agents” to work through the performance and leverage challenge. We have done this by streamlining functions, competencies, reporting and decision-support processes and most importantly putting the change into context.

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