Typically as organisations grow and evolve, so does the level of complexity in the technologies used, operational processes, people management and capability. We often find businesses cannot easily see what information is used where, when and by whom. More importantly they cannot see what systems are shared across the business and how the various business activities interact or what the impact of any change will be.

Over time the number of technologies and software applications used within a business increase and include things like, ERP, CRM, Portals, Document Management, Business Intelligence and PLM. It is often difficult to manage these technologies so that they add value to the business. Some of them may be being used even though they are obsolete or actually add unnecessary cost and inefficiency to the business. Does this sound familiar?

If the business changes due to market forces, divestment, acquisition or simply a change in direction you need your business systems, processes and people to adapt easily and readily. Even with the best intentions and plans this is often difficult to do. This was one of the key reasons for developing our Strategic Performance Architecture (SPA). Few established businesses have the luxury of being able to start from scratch.

Our team(using the SPA methodology) helps you to review what systems and processes you have in place. We help you understand what you have, how it fits together and how it supports the various business activities. We then help you plan and design what should stay, what should go, what should be upgraded, what should be replaced and how the various applications should interact to ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time in the right format. We help you to manage the investment and the return on that investment. We will develop a Strategic Performance Architecture that not only maps what you have today, it will also plan the transition and achieve the joining together of technology, process, people and information to enable your strategy.

We help you align your business processes and applications to ensure that they deliver better practice, productivity and ultimately customer satisfaction. We work together taking incremental steps that move you towards where you want to be at a pace that suits your business.

We help you build your teams capability by making information and knowledge available that allows them to make better decisions, regardless of where they sit in the organisation. This allows your team to communicate and address what really matters every day!