In times of rapid change every organisation needs the ability to react, respond, change and adapt. Often this is easier said than done. The key is having the capabilities and tools in place so the ability to react, respond, change and adapt is an inherent part of the operational core. The operational core being organisational structures, people and capabilities, operational processes, technology, data and information. Effective governance is also a key part of supercharging.

Nearly every industry and market has experienced rapid, and sometimes disruptive change over the last five or so years. We thought we would share some of our experience with supercharging management and performance within an organisation undergoing rapid change, it can be applied, regardless of industry or business size.

Take a holistic view

Are you stuck and not sure where to start? There are many moving parts to a business, they seldom work or operate in isolation, that’s why it is important to take a holistic view and to focus on what really matters. Consider each of the 7 core elements listed above and determine which are the strongest and which need improvement.

Use a Playbook

The realising success® Framework is a playbook for supercharging your organisation. It contains processes for guidance, templates and checklists and is a framework for tackling some of the inevitable challenges every business face. At its core is a platform that lets you build out your own processes and information so your organisation moves from where it is to where it needs to be. When you use a playbook combined with the right toolset, working through business challenges become easier, decisions become more informed and achieving goals and objectives becomes faster and easier. Use it as a source of ideas, education and inspiration. It can be put into practice immediately to achieve and maintain momentum.

Strategise and Prioritise

Your strategy for supercharging should start by concentrating on the fundamentals that will set the path for success. Using the 7 core elements as a starting point, goals and objectives can be achieved at a supercharged pace.

Build a team

To supercharge your management and insight you need the right people, with the right skills and capabilities and who understand the vision and their role in achieving it. People provide context, different thinking styles, approaches and values. Technology on its own can’t easily put things into context, it can apply rules, but it can’t think and produce new ideas or deliver insight. Using external, experienced professionals as part of your team can help guide and avoid the many major pitfalls, as you need both internal and external views to make sense of things. Having a diverse team, with diverse thinking styles and experience and who are prepared to put in the effort adds to the organisations ability to respond, react and adapt and it can supercharge the change journey and business outcomes.


In any business complexity often goes with the territory. Things start out simple, but over time complexity creeps in as the number of people, systems, requirements and locations increase. It gets to the point we don’t know what we have, where it is, how it is used, when things should happen and what things actually cost. Complexity often results from ambiguity and unpredictability. Simplifying where it makes sense to do so and getting the insight you need can supercharge performance and enables the organisation to react, respond and adapt when needed.

Leverage Digital

We have recently witnessed the importance of leveraging digital technologies and digitisation. When you have the right tools, methods, information and capability you can react, respond and adapt to whatever situation arises. Leveraging digital requires a rethinking of processes and how and when things get done, that means taking current workflows and breaking them down into constituent parts, visualising them and putting them into context. Once you have this view of the business, the insight gained can highlight where automation can help efficiency, effectiveness and productivity and not hinder or break it. It was Jeanne Ross of MIT Sloan that said “If your company is going to compete in the digital economy, you must redesign for digital”. We couldn’t agree more. We need to be aware of emerging technologies and methods and how they can provide opportunities and how they impact the way people work and how all business relationships are managed.

Leadership and Management

Supercharging needs leadership and management. Leadership sets the vision and direction and management is all about execution, momentum and getting things done. Everyone in the organisation needs to clearly understand what “done” and “success” looks like as that can differ depending on any number of factors. That’s where visualisation and communication of information through models, diagrams and other content really lifts the game. The organisation needs to be able to move forward with confidence, to build a strong operational core that allows it to flex, be resilient, adapt, and most of all be sustainable. Leaders and Managers need to track and monitor an ever shifting environment, this is where a platform that helps provide and leverage the insight you have today so you can navigate tomorrow becomes a must have and not a nice to have.

If you have any questions about any of the points raised, or would like more information on how we can help you supercharge your business, let us know here and we can organise a call.