I read a McKinsey article today  that suggested “that the only way to set strategy effectively during uncertain times was to bring together, much more frequently, the members of the top team, who were uniquely positioned to surface critical issues early, debate their implications, and make timely decisions”. One very long sentence.

This is great in theory, but it does raise a number of assumptions.  The first assumption is that the top team is uniquely positioned to surface critical issues early.  More often than not this is not the case.  It has been my experience that unless there is a holistic view of the business and alignment of systems, process, people and information – critical issues surface all too late for debate, impact assessment and timely decisions. By the time the true state is known crisis management is typically the outcome.  Does that make a mockery of strategy?

The top team meeting more frequently without the right data, information, capability and business intelligence may enable more timely decisions, the question is will they be the right ones and will they be the most effective?