Business and digital transformation are on most organisations agendas.
Technology, in its many guises, obviously plays a crucial role. But on its own it is unlikely to deliver the required outcomes, and now there appears to being a growing digital optimisation impetus.
A lot of the businesses we work with have some experimentation or automation projects underway.

Recently I was asked to do a services proposal. This was for a client that wants to improve the efficiency and effectiveness across the core capabilities of their business using digital tools.
The organisation is looking to do their things *Better *Faster *Cheaper.

For this business to stay ahead of the game, products and services need to deliver great customer experiences.
This business requires it’s processes to be automated and efficient. They are looking for quick wins and sustainability.
If that isn’t enough they have tough regulatory and compliance obligations they are required to meet.

Sounds like most businesses doesn’t it?

How do you succeed?

The one thing that I have learned in all my years of optimising and transforming businesses is that you cannot succeed without the following:
A good strategy
Engaged people
Efficient business practices
Smart technology
Good advisers

When businesses are looking for this type of digital and technology based change they need to consider how they enable and streamline collaboration. This can be across marketing product management, IT product delivery as well as maintenance and support teams.

As you can see it is broader than just technology.

Creating the foundations

If you are going to start planning and implementing more digital technology, it’s good to start with IT and look at the digital capabilities and practices that are in place today.

The foundations for all things digital need to be assessed.
You need to ensure that the technology platforms, capabilities and practices you already have can support efficiency, effectiveness, automation and collaboration.
That they can ultimately deliver a great customer experience.

Legacy, band-aided and poorly integrated systems just won’t do the job.

There is no point looking to optimise and digitise business processes if you don’t have the tools and capabilities to plan, design, enable and support it.

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About the Author Jackie O’dowd: Jackie delivers improved business performance; creator of the realising success Framework, and author of Connecting The Dots – The Blueprint For Strategically Aligned Business Performance. Jackie helps organisations to solve problems and improve organisational capability and performance. With extensive experience across multiple industry sectors such as Petroleum, Manufacturing, Health, Civil & Mining Services, Employment Services, ICT, Oil & Gas, Government and Professional Services, the results speak for themselves. Jackie works with organisations that want to realise their potential and get real sustainable results. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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